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Why Become a Student of TigerKwon’s Taekwondo?
It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Tigerkwons taekwondo  school in New Lenox and Frankfort wish you the best on your
journey learning the exciting art of Teakwondo. Taekwondo has a rich and varied history. It began 2000 years ago as a form or
military training,developed into an Olympic sport and has become most popular throughout the world as an unique form of
fitness and self improvement. Millions of students of all ages have benefited from practicing this fascinating korean martial arts
and our school provides the best place for you or your children to obtain these benefits in Newlenox and Frankfort
Practicing Martial Arts at TigerKwon’s it is about physical fitness, character development (self esteem, self confidence, focus
and concentration, self discipline) and self defense - not just kicking and punching. People often think that Martial Arts is about
fighting but that's not what we emphasize at TigerKwon’s Taekwondo.
Instead, we focus on the personal development aspects of Martial Arts because that's why most people participate.
Students learn to develop and improve: Respect, Patience, Goal setting, Self-confidence, Positive attitude, Manners, Strong
work ethic, Focus and Self-esteem. Leadership Participants experience: Improved muscle tone & weight loss, lower stress
levels and increased energy, greater flexibility .

Our state of the art 2700-4000 square foot facility, along with our quality, award winning instruction, top of the line training
equipment, matted floors, provide a safe and clean environment that any current or future Martial artist would be proud to train
We would be honored to have you as a part of our Martial Arts Family, so please take this opportunity to explore our web site,
so that you may learn even more about Martial Arts, the #1 Martial Arts school in the Suburbs
TigerKwon’s Martial Arts & Fitness Center offers the Best of Best All around.
For a limited time,our
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    with  Our Instructors
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Demo / Black Belt Class
"Tigerkwons has helped my daughter marilyn Learn responsibility and built her
confidence and focus. The school  has helped her coordination ,control, and listening
skills since she started when she was four years old.
~ Sandi Braun
"My son started the Tigerkwons program when he was four . He has since made great
improvment in his concentration,balance ,strength, and memorization skills. It has also
taught him how to work and be motivated towards achieving a goal. The program I feel
has prepared him for  many skills essential to being successful in school and even other
sport activities.
~Shannon Mcnulty