Our Beginner program is the introductory course in martial arts, in which students are
first exposed to the culture that Taekwondo comes from. Students will begin learning the
basic techniques, etiquette, and terminology associated with martial arts training. Our
Children's class is split into two divisions:

Stepping into a martial arts school for the first time can be a little intimidating to new students.
They don't always know what to expect, but our professional and caring staff takes time so that
your child will feel at ease and grow at their own pace.

Within just the first few weeks you may begin noticing a difference in how your child carries
him/herself at home and at school. They may carry a new air of confidence, awareness, respect,
and energy.

These first few steps, when followed through, can open up limitless opportunities  from
leadership programs, regional and national competition, to international training camps!

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