Master  Kwon
  • 7th Degree Black Belt
  • 1990 World Champion
  • Recipient of the 1990 Korean Presidential Award for Best Athletics
  • ’00-’02 Illinois State Team Coach
  • ’01-’05 Korean American Taekwondo Union Vice President
  • ’00-’10 Kwon Mu Do President
Master Lim
  • 7th Degree Black Belt
  • ’00-’10 Kwon Mu Do Vice President
  • '87-'90 National Champion in Korea
  • '06-'08 Illinois State Coach
  • Expert in Real Life Self-Defense
  • 5 yrs Instructor in Korean Military
Grandmaster  Kwon
  • 9th Degree Black Belt
  • Founder of Kwon Mu Do
  • ’97-’99 Kwon Mu Do President
  • 20 yrs Instructor  and member of  Korean Military Police

  • 3rd Dan Black Belt
  • Tiger Kwon's Staff Member
  • CPR Certified
Tricia Pakosz

  • 3rd Dan Black Belt
Instructors & Staff
Tami Andjelic

  • Turbo Kick Certified Instructor
  •  Zumba Instructor - ZIN Member
  •  AFAA Certified Group Fitness
  •  CPR Certified
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Tiger Kwon's Martial Arts
Andrew lee

  • 2nd Dan Black Belt
  • 2011 Sparring Gold Medalist Tiger Kwon's Open Martial Arts Tournament
  • 1st Place for Form in Kim's Open Martial Art Tournament
  • Tiger kwon's demo team leader
Sam Porto
  • 2nd Dan Black Belt
  • Tiger Dan Kwon's Demo Team Member
  • 2011 Form Gold Medalist Tiger Kwon's Open
Leanne Hefner
  • Zumba Certified Instructor
  • Tubokick Certified Instructor
Omar  Orozco
  • 2nd Dan Black Belt
  • 2011 Sparring Gold Medalist Tiger Kwon's Open
  • Tiger kwon's demo team leader
Krista Eunju Kwon
  • Co-Owner of Tiger kwon's
  • Oversees the Operation of all Location
  • Years of upper management experiences
  • Business Administration from Depaul university
Emily Sinchak
  • Receptionist
Nate Fazio
2nd Dan Black Belt
Lori Orozco
Skylar Mathis
  • 2nd Dan black belt
  • 2013 illinois open Grand Champion