Adult Martial Arts
Adult classes at Tiger Kwon's Martial Arts are oriented toward providing our more mature students with a
serious and challenging approach to martial arts. Our classes are geared toward providing an intense
workout, while teaching real world self-defense applications. Adult classes include elements of Taekwondo,
Hapkido, and Kick-Boxing to create a style we call Kwon Mu Do.
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Hapkido is a traditional defensive Korean Martial art
that focus on principles of redirecting and
controlling energy and using your opponents' own
momentum against them. Hapkido is a very gentle art
that uses a variety of joint locks, throws, and soft
movements in combinations with devastating results.
Hapkido is the official style of hand-to-hand combat
used in the Korean Military, and its principles are
used in many police academies, and correctional
facilities here in the United States.
Taekwondo is a traditional Korean martial art that focuses
on powerful linear strikes, blocks and kicks. Literally
translated it means the way of the foot and the fist. It is a
sport recognized worldwide, and one of the only martial
arts that is an official Olympic Sport.
Tigerkwons Martial Arts